House Rules

Weapon Statistics

All weapons use the revised stats as published in the Deathwatch errata by Fantasy Flight, available here on pp. 10-14.


The Deathwatch combat system is replaced in nearly every way possible with the more streamlined version found in Black Crusade and Only War. This will take a lot of interpretation on the fly, but the largest areas of change are:

  • New modifiers for Standard, Semi-auto, and Full Auto attacks, and the reduction of each to a Half Action.
  • Swift Attack and Lightning Attack now inflict hits based on DoS.
  • Changes to Righteous Fury (Critical effects instead of additional damage dice).
  • Parry is a Trained skill for beginning Space Marines, and can be improved at the same price as WS advances for the specialty.


This bizarre Space Marine ability can be a real pain in the ass, and encourages metagamers to turn their angelic warriors into degenerate space-cannibals. I reserve the right to give diminishing returns when using this. Eating Xenos and creatures of the Warp is a good way to gain Insanity and Corruption, respectively.

House Rules

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