Character Creation


To generate attributes, roll 2d10+30 a total of ten times and record the results. Drop the lowest result. Distribute the remaining nine values among your attributes as you see fit.

This is done to allow characters to be optimized to their chosen role, instead of their attributes being a random clusterfuck.


Apothecaries: Instead of selecting one of the three special abilities (Guardian of Purity, Enhance Healing, Create Toxins), this specialty receives all three.

This does not seem to affect play balance much, and gives Apothecaries a much-needed boost.


All new characters receive the Talent: Forging the Bond (at no XP cost), as described on pg. 226 of Rites of Battle:

Forging the Bond
The Space Marine is gifted at adapting to the fighting styles and traditions of other Chapters, and while serving in the Deathwatch has forged strong bonds of brotherhood with his Kill-Team.
* At Rank 1-3, the Space Marine may benefit from the Squad Mode abilities of any other Chapter. When members of the Kill-Team activate a Chapter-specific Squad Mode ability, the activating Battle-Brother can choose to allow any Space Marines from different Chapters possessing this Talent to benefit from the ability as well. If he chooses to do so, activating the Squad Mode ability costs an additional 3 Cohesion (Total, not per Battle-Brother).
* At Rank 4-5, the Talent functions as above, but the cost is reduced to 2 additional Cohesion.
* At Rank 6-8, The Talent functions as above, but the cost is reduced to 1 additional Cohesion.

A character having this Talent is assumed to be purposefully selected by the Deathwatch for his talents with coalitions and his ability to work with Chapters not his own. Space Marines possessing it display an adaptability that may be atypical for their home Chapter, and often have backgrounds in joint operations between multiple Chapters. If at any point the character proves unnecessarily divisive or hostile to his Kill-Team, the Talent will be withdrawn.

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Character Creation

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