Deathwatch: Tower of Dead Stars

Session 3

087 817.M41 (01FEB13)

Successful boarding of Execution Eternal after eight days of unpowered drift. Thunderhawk 9-Theta survives insertion and is used to thwart landing of Orca dropship, destroying it and two Barracuda escorts. Vox contact established with Imperial Navy forces. Shas’Vre Tura’Kel Suwal of the Tau command team killed.

☐ Recapture the Execution Eternal and prepare her for towing back to port.

☑ Meet with the Storm Wardens and reach a consensus for an assault plan.
☐ Destroy all Tau resistance on board the Execution Eternal.

☐ Meet with Imperial Navy defenders and reach a consensus for an assault plan.
☐ Gather data on the effects of Pelegian Virus exposure on Tau forces.
☑ Kill Shas’Vre Tura’Kel Suwal.

XP: 400
Renown: None



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