Deathwatch: Tower of Dead Stars

Session 2

085 817.M41 (24JAN2013)

Continuation of live-fire training drills.

☑ Eradicate Tyranid presence from assigned sector.

☑ Eliminate biovore artillery.
☑ Determine how Tyranids evade artillery barrages.

☑ Recover cogitator core (data accumulator planted in habitat, now damaged).
☑ Field-test newest iteration of experimental weapons (Vox grenades).

XP: 350
Renown: 8

087 817.M41 (24JAN2013)

Deployment to Oberon class battleship Execution Eternal, currently contested between Tau forces and the Imperial navy.

☐ Recapture the Execution Eternal and prepare her for towing back to port.

☐ Meet with the Storm Wardens and reach a consensus for an assault plan.
☐ Destroy all Tau resistance on board the Execution Eternal.

☐ Meet with Imperial Navy defenders and reach a consensus for an assault plan.
☐ Gather data on the effects of Pelegian Virus exposure on Tau forces.

Imperial aquila small grey



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