Deathwatch: Tower of Dead Stars

Session 1

083 817.M41 (17JAN2013)

Arrival at Watch Fortress Erioch. Kill-Team formed and designated Ultio. Directed to Habitat 8 for live-fire training with seeded Tyranid organisms. Watch Commander Prascus supervising, mission as follows:

☐ Eradicate Tyranid presence from assigned sector.

☐ Eliminate biovore artillery.
☑ Determine how Tyranids evade artillery barrages.

☐ Recover cogitator core (data accumulator planted in habitat, now damaged).
☑ Field-test newest iteration of experimental weapons (Vox grenades).

Performance: Confirmed kills include ~1800 kg of hormagaunt variant, 3 Tyranid warriors, 1 biovore, ~600 kg termagant variant. Brother Wilhem suffers major abdominal injuries.

XP: 640
Renown: None.

Imperial aquila small grey



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